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Singles Ladder

Haslemere Tennis Club’s singles ladder exists to help members find suitable opponents to play competitive singles matches. The ladder is managed by Martin Brown and is open to both men and lady members. The ladder operates all year round split into two seasons starting 1st October and 1st April but new members can join at any time. The rules of the ladder are very simple:-

1. A player can challenge anyone on the ladder, up to and including 4 places above them.
2. If the challenger wins, they take the place of their opponent on the ladder and the losing player drops one place on the ladder. If the challenger loses, both players’ ladder positions remain unchanged.
3. Every player has the option to use one Wild Card per season - use it wisely! You may challenge anyone, in any position, and move to their position if you win. You may be the recipient of one wildcard per quarter. Let the organiser know if you have used or received a wild.
4. Any player who does not play two matches in a season (six months) will be moved down two places on the ladder.
5. The challenger should contact their prospective opponent and offer at least three dates to play a match. However, both players are expected to be flexible and accommodating in agreeing a suitable date to play. If an opponent can’t
accommodate a match within a month, they must forfeit the match and the challenger will take their place on the ladder.
6. The default format for a match will be two sets plus a tie break decider. However, players can agree a different format if it suits them both e.g. best of 1 set or 3 sets, or an LTA short set format, best of 3 sets, played to 4 games rather than 6.
7. Winners should inform the ladder manager of the match result asap.
8. The ladder is updated and recirculated weekly via email and monthly on the website.
9. If you are unable to play for any reason e.g. injury, please let the ladder manager know promptly.
The ladder manager can be contacted on [email protected]