Using the Website

How To Log In

  • Click "Log In" at the top right hand side of the screen
  • A "User Name and Password" box will appear
  • Click "Forgotten Password" (just below the boxes) and a new password will be generated and emailed to you
  • Enter your user name in the format of e.g. john.smith or mary.jones
  • Enter your password, which is case sensitive and if you are "cutting & pasting" from your email be careful not to add any spaces
  • You are now logged in and will have the opportunity to change your password
  • Click "Change Password" on the top right hand side of the screen and three boxes will appear
  • Enter your old password (the one emailed to you) and then enter your chosen new password and confirm it again
  • You are now logged in

My Consents

To comply with GDPR members control their own contact and privacy settings. This can be done on either the "Find a Member"  or "Court Booking" pages, which are only viewable by members. To change your settings:-

  • Go to either of the above pages and click settings
  • Email settings controls what you receive
  • Privacy settings controls what contact information is displayed to other members

Please be aware that if you choose not to be contactable or visible to other club members, they will not be able to select you as an opponent or make contact with you to arrange matches. 


No member information is publicly available!


How Do I Book A Court?      

  • You need to be "Logged In" to make a court booking
  • Go to the "Court Bookings" page
  • Select the date you wish to book in the drop down box
  • On the calendar click on the court and time you wish to start playing
  • Select the duration of your booking (max 120 mins)
  • Enter the name/s of your opponent 
  • If you are playing with a guest, enter the guests' name/s
  • Click reserve
  • Your court will be booked and an email confirmation will be sent to you and your opponent
  • There is a "My Bookings History" facility at the bottom of the page which lists all of your future bookings

How Do I Cancel A Booking?

  • To delete a booking you must be "Logged In"
  • Go to the "Court Bookings" page
  • Find the court booking you wish to cancel on the calendar
  • Hover over the booking and a box will appear giving you  the option to edit or cancel the booking
  • Press confirm to cancel the booking

How To Book A Class or Event

  • You will need to be "Logged In"
  • Go to the "Class & Course Booking" page (to right of Court Bookings)
  • Scroll through the list to find the event you wish to book and click "Register"
  • Next click "Register for Class" on the confirmation page