Summer Championships 2022

All competitions will start immediately after the AGM on 19th April and the finals will be played on Sunday 4th September at the Club’s Championship Finals Day. Please put the date in your diary now.

All of the doubles competitions will be randomly drawn events, where all players enter individually and their partners will be drawn at the AGM. This will provide an opportunity for new players to meet and play with other club members and spice up the competition. If you get knocked out in the first round of the Summer Championships, you will be automatically entered into a consolation competition and will have the opportunity to play for the “Summer Plate.”

This is a great opportunity for members to play with and against a wider range of players in competitive, friendly matches. We expect the Championships to be a series of friendly matches but like all competitions there are some rules to ensure the tournament runs smoothly and matches are played on time:-

 Summer Championships Rules

1.   All players must adopt a cooperative and flexible approach in agreeing and arranging match dates, to enable us to keep the tournament on track. Most matches will be played over evenings and weekends, so it is essential you are prepared to play at these times. Please arrange your matches for the earliest available date, to ensure the tournament remains on track and matches can be rescheduled if necessary.

2.   It is the responsibility of all players to arrange the match; everyone needs to be proactive, flexible and accommodating to ensure fixtures are played by the required date.** Regrettably, if a match is not played before the deadline for the respective round, both players/teams will be removed from the draw. If a player/team is unable to play a significant number of the available dates, they will be expected to graciously give their opponent a walk over.  If a match is cancelled and can’t be rearranged the player / team who cancelled should give their opponents a walk over.

3.  It is the responsibility of the winning player/team to notify the Tournament Organiser of the match results promptly. If no scores are entered it will be assumed the match has not been played and both players/teams will be removed from the tournament. Once your match has been played, please contact your next round opponents (even if their match has not yet been played) to arrange the earliest possible date to play your next match. 
4.   If there are any disputes or a match can’t be arranged within the designated time, please notify the Tournament Committee who will make a judgement.

5.   All matches will be the best of 3 tie break sets.

6.   All competitors are expected to be of a reasonable standard of play – this tournament is not suitable for beginners.

7.   The committee may restrict the size of entry into any competition on a first come first served basis.

8.   All trophies will be inscribed by HLTC after the finals and given to the winning player(s), who should return them to the tournament committee for the following year. 

**The vast majority of matches are arranged without any problem. However, there are some guidelines which should be considered before any appeal is made to the tournament committee.

Players will often try to arrange a match by offering only their preferred dates. Whilst most matches can be organised in this manner, if no date can be agreed upon, all “possible” dates must be considered.  All players are obliged to be accommodating and flexible in setting dates for matches, which includes playing all available slots from 8am to 10pm. Just because a slot is inconvenient doesn’t mean it is impossible and players should be prepared to make some changes to their normal activities to accommodate matches.

We recognise that some people work away from home or have holiday commitments which, will rule out the opportunity to play certain days and times. However, we do expect all players to show the same level of courtesy and accommodation to others as they would hope for themselves. No person’s diary or preferences for time of play has priority.

Players should acknowledge when their own lack of availability is the obstacle to setting a date and graciously give their opponent a walkover.

The Tournament Committee exists only to resolve disputes. If a date can’t be agreed the default position is that both teams will be removed from the competition. However, if one player/team has been demonstrably more available and accommodating in trying to organise the match, the tournament committee may decide they should not be penalised and grant them the walkover.